Academic Breakthroughs

The Academic Breakthroughs portal is dedicated database for documenting research achievements in construction engineering and management.

The Academic Breakthrough synthesizes relevant information from PhD dissertations and display them in the form of factsheets. A dissertation factsheet will display information about a research breakthrough including information such as area of research, theme, analysis modeling methods, data sources, advisor contact, etc., which will be easily searchable.


Purdue Index for Construction (Pi-C)

Purdue Index for Construction (Pi-C) Purdue index for construction (Pi-C) is a portal for capturing the health of the construction industry to enable data driven policy development and strategic decision-making through data analytics.

Pi-C initiated as a collaborative effort between the industry and academia at the Division of Construction Engineering and Management at Purdue University. The initial goal of this effort was to identify and explore trend analysis in the construction industry. This exploratory study was reported in a conference paper at the Construction Research Congress 2012 (The Need for Indices to Assess the Health of the Construction Industry).


New Members

Aleksander Nicał, Ph.D.

Dr. Nical is currently the Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. He has a master’s degree in Production Engineering in Construction and a Ph.D. under the title: "Production plant management model under consideration of risk elements", both from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.


Eugenio Pellicer, Ph.D.

Dr. Eugenio Pellicer is an Associate Professor (senior lecturer) in construction project management at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain). He was the promoter, and is now the Academic Head of the M.Sc. in Planning and Management in Civil Engineering- a graduate course focused on construction management for civil and building engineers. He has received his M.Sc. degree from Stanford University, and his Ph.D. degree from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.


Shang-Hsien (Patrick) Hsieh, Ph.D.

Dr. Hsieh is a Professor in the Computer-Aided Engineering Division of Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan. He is currently serving as Director of the Research Center for Building & Infrastructure Information Modeling and Management in NTU’s Department of Civil Engineering, and Chairman of Information Technology Committee in Taiwan’s Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.