The Superbid and Simphony.NET software packages are available for download. Please contact us for more information and for access to the software.

Computer Programs

Dr. AbouRizk has developed a number of computer software solutions that are in use in academia and industry.  His two research labs in simulation, and integrated software system for construction are credited with the simulation software Simphony, COSYE, BetaFit and SuperBid in use by many researchers worldwide.  The integrated software systems lab is responsible for complete information systems for a number of major construction firms such as Waiward Steel. Those developments are in daily use for decision support at the firms providing improved productivity for the company and a medium for experimentation for the research team. The following is a sample of those developments:

  1. Simphony (and Simphony.NET, August 2006) - A platform for creating special purpose simulation tools and for developing complex simulation models.  (Completed under the NSERC Chair with S. Hague).  The platform is used by over 50 organizations and institutions worldwide and has over 200 users.
  2. COSYE (Release 1, August 2006)–a new generation platform that is based on the High Level Architecture combining the abilities of Simphony with modular, hierarchical and parallel simulation.  This new generation toolkit will provide a venue for building large scale and complex simulation models with ability for distributed simulation, real-time interface, advanced discrete-event, continuous and other analytical simulations in a package that is optimized for construction applications.
  3. SuperBid (educational) - A Stochastic Bidding Game for Construction Management.
  4. CRUISER – A program for the simulation and analysis of gravel pit mines  (Completed under the NSERC Chair with Mr. D. Hajjar).
  5. CSD – Construction Site Dewatering System for Decision Support, (completed under the NSERC Chair with Mr. Xu).
  6. AP2-Earth  - a simulation program for the analysis of heavy earth-moving operations in construction and surface mining. (Completed under the NSERC Chair with Mr. D. Hajjar).
  7. SIDES, BetaFit, and VIBES – a collection of programs in the public domain that enable the fitting of beta distributions using traditional and new techniques including non-linear optimization, fuzzy set theory and interactive graphics.
  8. Smartest  - an estimating system for construction projects (completed under the NSERC Chair with Mr. S. Hague).
  9. MTrack – (Inland Construction) An equipment maintenance tracking program.
  10. SimFit – A software program for fitting unimodal statistical distributions (completed under the NSERC Chair with M. Allouche).
  11. Waiward Steel information system, with three areas of focus:
    • Human Resource Management – (Human resource manager, office timesheet system, safety record system, shop supervisor, and shop timesheet system programs) These programs track employee hours, provide payroll with a forum to leave messages for employees, facilitate shop safety record management, and collect data for productivity studies.
    • Document Management – (Job quality reports and MTR manager programs) Used for data entry of welding inspection, fitting inspection, and mill test reports and the generation of various other reports and cross-referencing.
    • Steel Tracking – (Barcode generator, division management system, shipping bill manager, drawing tracking system, and steel tracking system programs) Barcodes are printed and used to track steel and generate shipping bills.  Drawings and changes to the drawings are also tracked.
  12. ICMS – (Inland Construction) An integrated construction management system, made up of the following three components: estimating, cost control, and data acquisition.


  1. Rashwan M.M. and AbouRizk, S. “Reclamation of Leftover Concrete.” U.S. Patent No 5766524 issue 6/16/98.