Research Collaborators and Staff

Research Collaborators - Faculty, Hole School of Construction Engineering at the University of Alberta

While the research areas of our distinguished faculty cover a wide range of topics, they also are united in re-conceptualizing the role of technology in the construction industry. As a whole, and compared to other industries, the rate of technology transfer for the construction industry has been slow; our faculty work to change this.

But this excellence in research does not prevent the same sort of excellence from being achieved in teaching, at the graduate or undergraduate level; on the contrary, this research-rich environment not only ensures that the faculty stay on top of the current research in their respective areas, thus presenting the most current research to their students, but also that the students gain first-hand experience with both academic research and industry.

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Construction Engineering and Management

IRC Staff

In addition to the Construction Engineering & Management faculty on staff with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Chair also employs a number of support staff and research staff, numerous graduate students, programmers, and a technical writer.

Staff Contact

Brenda Penner
Assistant to Dr. Simaan AbouRizk - Industrial Research Chair in Construction Engineering & Management
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
3-010 Markin/CNRL NREF
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2W2
Telephone: 780-492-5120

Stephen Hague 
System Analyst 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
5-048 Markin/CNRL NREF
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2W2
Telephone: 780-492-0596